CEO's Message

TPI_CEOAt Tawazun Precision Industries, we aim to maintain our position as pioneers of precision manufacturing in the UAE, while working to complement and facilitate the overall objectives of Tawazun.

Since 2007, we have always sought, through partnership with international companies and organizations, to ensure a continuous build-up of capabilities and know-how while developing products and work procedure that adhere to the highest international standards.

Our distinct focus on international partnerships, technology transfer, R&D and importantly, quality, helped us to bolster our position and to stand out as a leading firm that can provide the utmost quality for the complex, high-performance and critical components required in defense, aerospace and oil & gas industries.

With our expertise, contacts and base in the UAE, and with the technologies at our disposal, we are well positioned to serve the growing demand for high end industrial components and tools.

We remain focused on further enhancing our capabilities through partnerships and constructive relationships and through national human capital development as we engage in Tawazun’s technical & engineering education and training programs.

Dr. Phil Lewis


We efficiently integrate the entire value chain of demand from engineering and machining assembling and testing. As part of our growth trajectory, we seek to form strategic alliances with companies to support their operations in the region and beyond. Our ultimate aim however is to optimize our core businesses in line with the objectives of our parent company Tawazun, and the all-encompassing UAE comprehensive development drive.


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