CNC Turning

  • 16 machines
  • Component dimensions up to L: 5,000 mm, Diameter: 1,100 mm
  • Up to 24 tools on turret (including driven tools)
  • Spindle specification up to 53 KW

Surface & Heat Treatment

The advanced surface technologies we use include a fully equipped surface & heat treatment facility for cleaning, hardening and black oxidizing the components, in compliance with industry leading practices. We can determine the right measure of surface treatment to match specific applications and realise the best possible results.

  • Plasma Nitriding
  • Vacuum Hardening
  • Cleaning And Surface Preparation
  • Black Oxidizing


Our superior coating services help clients extend tool life and maximize product performance. With the help of our industry-proven Physical Vapor Deposition coating service, we deliver a wide range of high-quality standard coatings as well as customized coatings designed to meet today’s exacting industry standards.

Inspection Capabilities

We utilize the latest technologies such as optical comparators, surface roughness measuring devices, digital height gauges and other implements operated by highlyskilled manpower to uphold our standards of quality. From manufacture through to measurement, we apply a series of processes to deliver cutting-edge products. Coating Thickness Measurements – Using the Calotest Apparatus and optical microscopes, this measurement is vital for controlling the coating performance and can be mapped in fractions of a micron. Coating Adhesion Measurements – Using microscopes to investigate intended surfaces. This process entails examination under a microscope to ensure adhesion quality while conforming to VDI standards.


We efficiently integrate the entire value chain of demand from engineering and machining assembling and testing. As part of our growth trajectory, we seek to form strategic alliances with companies to support their operations in the region and beyond. Our ultimate aim however is to optimize our core businesses in line with the objectives of our parent company Tawazun, and the all-encompassing UAE comprehensive development drive.


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